Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Backing up and moving

With rumours continuing about Google shutting down Blogger I have imported my Blogger Blog into my Edublogs hosted blog

What are the rumours? Well they have been around since 2011 which, since Blogger is still around, might show that there is no truth to them. In the article Is There Any Chance That Google Will Shut Down Blogger(Blogspot) One Day Soon? Technogeek, Satyendra Maurya suggests that there are signs that Google may shut Blogger down. This article presents reasons to go to another platform as well as benefits from staying with Blogger.

Whatever happens in the future it is clear that purchasing important aspects of your online life may be the way to go. I have a purchased subscription to Librarything as well as using the free version of Good Reads.  I purchased the edublogs subscription as part of completing my Masters programme and feel it is good value. Backing up the platforms you use makes sense and enables you to see which you prefer. 

Purchasing online subscriptions not only assists me with continuity and use of a better product it supports the developers behind the software. This may be the way of the future for us all.