Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Story telling goes 'viral'

Last week we had story teller Alec Williams visit our Marmara campus. He told stories all day to almost all our stduents from preschool through to grades 9 and 10. Each session the stories we so well taylored for his audience - interactive stories for the littlies - ghost stories and riddles for the tweens and urban myths for the teenagers. At each session he challenged the students to go and retell some of the stories they had heard.

The next day as students arrived in the library I asked if they had told stories - more that half had and delighted in telling me the details - variations they had made (translating into home languages, using props, paper) and that the people they told also had their own stories to tell.

Lesson learned - never under estimate the power of story.

Alec Williams you are invited back to our school any time.