Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Selecting Turkish language books - Pandora's box?

Selcuk Demirel - artist
This afternoon my colleague Lindsay and I went shopping for nonfiction Turkish language books to add to our library collection. We went to Pandora book shop and met with Merthan who has been helping me get a list together of what we potentially need. Merthan visited our Marmara Campus a few months ago to look at our collection with me. 

We spent a wonderful afternoon selecting books - some in English and Turkish, a wonderful book on birds of Turkey. Most of the books were in Turkish language but more importantly written by notable Turkish writers and scholars. Many of our students do personal research on Ataturk and we have no resources in Turkish language by Turkish authors about this important nation maker. The books we purchased for the sciences are all were written by eminent Turkish scholars. We are slowly building up our Mother Tongue (why do I hate that phrase so much?) collection and to do so with a colleague in an actual bookshop was a delight.