Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book 2 - Finn's Going by Tom Kelly - England

Danny or Finn? That is what the identical twin boys were asked constantly at school. That is what I was left asking at the end of this story. It seems to be told by 10 year old Danny as he is running away from home. Six weeks earlier his twin brother Finn died and the whole family has disintegrated under the weight of their grief. Nothing is the same any more. Danny is leaving so he won't remind his family of their loss any more and to try and cope with his own grief and guilt about his brother's death. His journey takes him back to an island the family visited once on holiday.

This is a first book for Tom Kelly and I like the first person narrative style with lists, chapter headings and use of fonts to illustrate meanings. A book about grieving loss is very intense reading but the final chapters bring realistic resolution to the stroy even though I still cannot work out Danny or Finn. Perhaps that is the way it always is with twins.

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