Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book 9 - Romeo's Ex by Lisa Fiedler - Verona, Italy

I love Shakespeare's plays. I love the comedies, the histories and the tragedies and Romeo and Juliet is one of my favourite plays. I also really enjoy fictional adaptations of Shakespearean plays. Lisa Fiedler has taken the minor character of Rosaline and made her into a complex, intelligent and beautiful young woman. No wonder Romeo was infatuated with her. Obviously the story relates to the days surrounding the Capulet ball and Romeo and Juliet's marriage and tragedy. Fiedler takes the story and tells it from several points of view - Rosaline, Benvolio, Tybalt, Mercutio and even Romeo tell their parts of the story as the tragic events unfold. Rosaline has an interest and some skill in the art of healing which makes her role in the conflict one of guardian and protector. Despite her best efforts and those of her newly found allie Benvolio they cannot prevent the tragedy from taking place - though I do enjoy the twist and turns Fiedler adds to the story, even at the end. Shakespeare's script is included in italics, though attributed to other people. I think any one reading the play, Romeo and Juliet, would enjoy and benefit from reading this book as well.

To read a little of the story in preview - try the look inside from Amazon

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