Friday, September 16, 2011

Book to movie movie to book

From my Wordpress Blog April this year.

My colleague Robyn and I just had the fun experience of walking into a book and DVD shop and spending 2300TL on DVD’s. It took about two hours of careful selection but we managed to find a wide range of titles for our k – 12 school. Our school PTA had worked very hard on a Scholastic Book Fair to raise the money. So did I feel any guilt about taking money raised in a Book Fair and spending it on movies? No guilt – none whatsoever.
Many of the movies we purchased were of the books we have in the library. I have noticed over the years that there is indeed a desire to see a movie that is of a book that someone has read but it also goes the other way. Some students having seen the movie then seek out the book or books that the movie is based on.

Working in an International School also means that the library provides resources for families as well as teachers and students. I have heard many times our students say as they are selecting DVD’s that what they choose will be used for a family night that week.

I am very pleased with our purchases and I know our IICS families will continue to enjoy movies and books we provide. Actually – when I said I felt no guilt that wasn’t 100% true. I was surprised about how much I enjoyed spending that amount of money.