Friday, October 7, 2011

More signs and wonders

Pictured to the left are our newest idea for library signs - we call them "danglers". We have chosen the nonfiction books our children ask for most often and have found an appropriate picture to represent each one. We have these images laminated and then use the laminated strips left over to attach them to the shelves. It creates a great 3D effect and at the same time helps our pre literate students find the kinds of books they like to read with their families. 

As we hear more requests we add them to our list of danglers to create - so far the production list includes books about cars and space. Even our older students and staff like them.

We also have added two new graphic novel bins to the Primary Nonfiction area. We have kept our graphic novels at Dewey 741.5 but put them in these bins. The books are then face out and the students can flip through them to make their selections. The first bion pictured is one of the primary ones and the second one is the MYP/DP bin. As you can see we may need a new bin for the secondary school graphic novels very soon.

The result of these signs and wonders - more books are being borrowed from these sections.