Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Miracle on the Hudson 363.12

Do you remember the news footage of this plane crash? I think the photo on the cover of the book is the most memorable image for me. I watched the news as the world celebrated with the passengers and crew of this flight - they had survived, they were safe. Then a few weeks later I saw the passengers and their families meet the pilot and crew of this plane. They were so thankful for his actions. They were so thankful to have their loved ones. They were so thankful.

This book takes us on the flight through the accounts of the passengers on the plane. The writers, William Prochnau and Laura Parker, introduce us to these people as they start their morning on the day of the flight. They introduce us to many of the passengers and throughout the book we read their accounts of each stage of this very short flight. I had expected to read more about the hero of the story the pilot but this was the story of the passengers and it is very well told. A book review from Huntington News gives more details.

Interspersed between the passengers' stories the writers include some amazing facts and information about everything from the bird strikes, other crashes, the rescuers. I was a passenger on 8 flights during the winter holiday, four domestic and four International. I had this book to read before those flights but for some strange reason put off reading it. I am pleased I have read it and time will tell whether any of it stays in my mind for my next flight.

The trouble with reading non-fiction is - it is so real.

Here is the pilot, Captain Sullenberger - telling his side of the story and below that the passengers meet with Captain Sully and his crew.