Sunday, April 3, 2016

Greg Curtis - Personalisation, Start with the WHY

Continuing my CEESA conference reflections; I am going through the conference sessions and exploring the ideas presented.

Greg Curtis gave the only Key Note address of the conference on Friday morning, 18 March. He talked about the large transformational process that is required when a school undertakes to pursue the idea of personalisation of learning. So it is best to start with the WHY. Why is personalisation the answer? The most obvious thing is how quickly the world is changing and developing. We need adults who can think creatively, who can leverage the tools at their disposal to come up with solutions to major problems. Education for the future isn't about learning facts it is about developing and maximising potential.So all schools need to start with the question of WHY. In fact starting with the WHY leads to success and adaptivity.

Yong Zhao challenges us to move beyond education to make everyone the same to educating students to be the best versions of themselves. Learning should extend, amplify and elevate. In the TED talk below he asks teachers to teach to the child's strengths rather than trying to fix their deficiencies.

So once we have the WHY then we can explore the WHAT. The what things can we do to achieve this. Unfortunately there is no manual for how to create personalized learning in your school. There are continuums of personalization and many schools are working on how to develop ways in which students can indeed develop their strengths.

One school in New Zealand that was built and developed to do just this is Hobsonville Point Secondary School - a new secondary school that opened at the beginning of 2014. Deputy Principal Claire Amos has been blogging about their personalisation journey in "Learning Leading Change" Claire and her colleagues in leadership in this school spent one year before the school was built exploring personalised learning in schools around the world. They have developed their own model and have been working successfully with students for the past two years.

Goal clarity is essential. I wonder what personalization in our library would look like? I really want to create opportunities for student choice and voice in the library. All things to explore in the new academic year. I want to set some goals for our learning before the end of this year.

I took notes about this session on Evernote