Friday, November 25, 2011

Book 22 - Annexed by Sharon Dogar - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sharon Dogar introduces us to her fictional characterisation of the real PeterVan Pels, the young man who was hiding in the annex with his mother and father and the Frank family including Anne and Margot. She convincingly portrays a young man who lives with regret, fear and frustration. On the very day his family is to go into hiding with the Franks Peter witnesses his girlfriend's family being rounded up by the Nazis and regrets not trying to save her. He reluctantly leaves the world of war and oppression for the cramped confinement of the annex. Anne is at first seen as a spoiled young girl who is used to getting her own way. Strong minded and strong willed Anne is an irritation to him. As the time progresses we see Peter come to an understanding of himself and of Anne.

This is a well written novel, definitely one for older young people who can not only appreciate the history of the time but would also understand the transformation of Peter in the extreme circumstances he finds himself.