Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Community and Service - serving the toughest community.....

This week we started our Student Librarian programme again. We have run the programme every year I have been at IICS and it has experienced revision and improvement every year. This year we have a more strucured approach to the link between Student Librarianship and our Community and Service programme. All our students involved in Community and Service must complete their journals on managebac. Also they have to represent a country at our International Day and raise money for a project within that country - more on that later.

Let me introduce you to our library team. Our 8 enthusiastic young men from grades 7 - 9 are running the library four out of five lunchtimes a week. Each lunchtime sees them in a team of four completing four distinct roles - the desk, shelving, displays and team leader/patron assistance. The roles change everytime they are on duty so everyone gets to work in all four roles throughout the weeks. Some students have volunteered one lunchtime a week others three - depending on other commitments they have. Our first training session was after school last Wednesday. The students discussed how their contribution to the library team will help our school out work its mission statement. What qualities in the IB learner profile are strengthened and developed by being on the library team. The students' answers were amazing. These are thoughtful, intelligent students who see how they make a difference in our school.

Our team has chosen Nepal for International Day. We are raising funds to buy library books for Shree Mangal Dvip School for Himalayan Children, through Amazon.com. With our team of students, who are all non-native English speaking boys, we hope to raise the English and literacy levels of the boys at SMD (whose literacy rate is quite lower than the girls') by purchasing books that might appeal to boys. There is a wishlist on Amazon, containing many books requested by the boys. We will also purchase those books of the highest desire on the wishlist, regardless of gender interest. Quite an exciting link. The boys are creating a game that people attending International Day will pay to play. Let's hope they raise lots of money for this school library.

I admire these young men - they are serving the toughest community, their own peers, and doing it with great enthusiasm.