Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book 23 - Silverfin by Charlie Higson - Eton and Scotland

With the name Bond it is almost essential to keep up with the James Bond movies. This is, however, the first Bond book I have read (apologies to Ian Fleming). I really enjoyed the way Higson created the Young James Bond character. Many of the details of James' background were revealed and seem to me to be very credible. The adventure that he finds himself involved in is as globally impacting as the ones 007 is assigned to. The villan is suitably sinister and maniacal.

We meet Bond as he is starting school at Eton College. He is out of place and awkward but quickly learns the rules and shows he has endurance and strength. He makes an enemy of the bully George Hellebore and discovers that George's father, Lord Hellebore, has inherited the property near his Uncle's house in Scotland. As he travels to Scotland to holiday with his Aunt and Uncle he helps a young lad, Red Kelly, hide on the train. Red is going up to the area James' family lives in to try to find his cousin who has gone missing. James takes up the challenge to assist Red and together they discover that the Hellebore property holds some sinister secrets.

This is a fast moving novel which was very enjoyable. Lots of foreshadowing of the adult Bond were skilfully weaved into the plot as well. This is the first of a series following the Young Bond as he grows up during the 1930's.

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