Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book 47 - Shadow by Michael Morpurgo - England and Afghanistan

This is Michael Morpurgo at his best. I really enjoyed this simple story of the dog called Shadow and the kindness shown to him by a lonely, frightened Afghan boy, Aman. The book is told by three people - Aman, Matt who is best friends with Aman and Matt's Grandpa - a former journalist. Matt is very distressed when his best friend Aman is taken to a detention center for people who are about to be deported. He and his mother are being sent back to Afghanistan and possible death because their asylum application was not granted. Matt is not allowed to visit his friend. He persuades his Grandpa into visiting Aman and despite his misgivings Grandpa agrees. During the awkward visit Grandpa shows Aman a photo of his family, including Matt and his dog and Aman reacts so dramatically to the photo. He explains that while they were living in Afghanistan a dog of the same breed adopted him and became like his Shadow. Aman tells Grandpa the tragic story of his life in Afghanistan and how Shadow helped to save his life. The entire situation prompts Grandpa into action...

A great read aloud for grades 5 - 6 and wonderful read for upper primary and middle school.