Monday, May 7, 2012

Book 57 - My most excellent year by Steve Kluger - Boston, USA

This novel was on the ALA laugh out loud list. It really lived up to the description. It is the story of 11th graders Anthony (TC to his friends), Augie and Ale. Their English teacher has given them the assignment to journal throughout their year. Each student takes a slightly different approach. Anthony addresses his thoughts to his Mum who died when he was about 6 or 7. Augie addresses his thoughts to a different diva each month, Bette Davis, Liza Minnelli and so on. Ale's journal is written to her heroine Jacqueline Kennedy. As ewach student reveals their lives we see how their friendship grows. Augie and Anthony had already adopted each other not long after Anthony's mother had dies. They are so much brothers that both their families have adopted the other family. Ale is the new girl in town. Her diplomat parents mean she has met many stars and alienated a few countries. 

During their year the three of them discover things abut themselves and each other that make them very close indeed. Ale's performing career begins as she reluctantly enters the talent show Augie is directing. Augie finally discovers he is gay - something his family has already figured out for themselves. Anthony meets Huckie, a deaf 6 year old and befriends him.

The summary above simply does not do justice to this complex and comic look at life and growing up. I really enjoy the portrayl of the teens in this book and their very supportive families. No horror tales here though there is some tragedy to overcome that is for sure.

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