Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book 60 - Mortal Chaos by Matt Dickinson - Heathrow, Everest, Mali.

This is Matt Dickinson's first novel for Young Adults and it is gripping. I usually do not cope well with novels that have multiple characters but the people who are linked  by the events of this one day are portrayed in such a realistic manner. The whole novel revolves around the concept of chaos theory and indeed starts with a butterfly in a wooded area in England. The characters who become tangled together find themselves linked in a chain of potentially disastorous events. What lifts this from being a bleak twist of fate novel is that some of the main characters show real compassion and concern for others. Their selfless actions help redeem some of the carelessness of the others.

This would be a great novel to share with teenagers. I would like to hear what they have to say about the theme and to explore this notion of chaos theory. This is the first book in the chaos series. The next book starts in Sydney, Australia.... can't wait to get hold of it.

Matt Dickinson came to our school a week or so ago to talk with grade 9,10 and 11 about his experiences on Everest and how he came to write this series. He spoke about teams, leadership, resilience and the whole experience of summitting Everest. If you get the chance to invote him to your school or to hear him speak do.

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