Thursday, February 2, 2012

Book 39 - The Interrogation of Gabriel James by Charlie Price - Billings, Montana, USA

Winner of the Edgar Award for best young adult mystery 2011 this is the story of Gabe, a fourteen year-old who is being questioned as a material witness to two murders in his community. Gabe tries to recount the details of the events but as he does so he begins to wonder just how responsible he really is for the terrible events which unfolded. The story is told in flash back as Gabe answers the questions. It is told from first person point of view so we not only hear Gabe's answers we know his thoughts and fears.

Under interrogation Gabe tells of how his relationship with his girlfriend had to end. How a new student to his school and cross country team is cruelly harrassed because of his ethnicity. How he discovers a local homeless man severly wounded. How he makes a discovery about a classmate's home circumstances which are very disturbing. In amongst the events Gabe knows about the town also has a spate of pets being abducted and forest fires.

Charlie Price talks about his book in this interview including a plot summary. Billings Montana is CHarlie Price's home town and during the 1990's was where a whole community got together to put an end to what had been an esculating series of hate crimes against Jews and Native Americans. The success of their efforts is still celebrated to this day.

Charlie Price's website with more info on the book and his other books. Review below from "Pickoftheweek."