Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love reading - love quizzes

Just surfacing from Love Reading Week. This was my first attempt at a whole week of reading and library promotion and already I have ideas for next Love Reading Week - February 2013.

This year we had daily quizzes for three different levels of the school. I was so surprised and encouraged by how much the students and staff enjoyed these. These will definitely be on the agenda for next year.

The primary students wrote poems based on Richard Peck's poem "I read because..." only they wrote "I love reading because..." I put each poem into a word cloud using Tagxedo. The cool thing about this website is that you can select shapes to place your word clouds into. Four of the poems are featured here.  I printed each poem and posted it onto the door of the library. 

The PTA held their annual book swap with more than 2000 books changing hands throughout the school.

We held an International Languages Story telling event using the Little Prince as a common story.

Staff members told us about their favourite books and we took their photos with them then put the book and photo on display. Many books were borrowed on the strength that "My teacher liked this...." 

And next year?? Perhaps lunch time readings in the library. Dress up as your favourite book character (though I am not keen on dress ups myself). Plus a repetition of all of the above. A feedback survey will be going out to staff later this week - I  think my next year list will be growing as a result.
A few of my wonderful colleagues with their favourites........