Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book 51 - The terrible secrets of the tell all club by Catherine Stier - USA

This is for the younger end of the Young Adult fiction category - I guess what I would call a "tweens" novel. The four main characters are your stereotypical middle schoolers - the Queen Bee, Kiley, who is theofunder of the Tell All Club, Josh - the nice guy who seems to love basketball but actually hates it, Anne the new girl to the school and TJ the lovable rogue who always seems to get into trouble. Kiley starts the club by sending the others 50 questions they must answer honestly if they want to get into the club. Question 1 what is your favourite salad dressing? As the questions progress they become more and more personal - what is your favourite memory, what is your most embarrassing moment? and then the final one Who do you really like? 

As can happen with these kind of things once the questions are answers there is no telling who is going to end up seeing your answers.... 

This novel has many twists and turns with misunderstandings and interesting consequences. The characters are more rounded than they first appear. I do like Josh's mother who is forever baking pies to apologise to her community for the actions of her bully son - Josh's big brother. There are some funny moments and some real life lessons. A good read for grade 4 to 6 students.