Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book 53 - Alienated by Andrew Auseon - Santa Rosa, California.

This novel is Men in Black but funnier and for a tween audience. Two eighth graders, Vince and Gene are writers for their own newspaper 'The Globe' which investigates the alien life forms living in their town, Santa Rosa, California. They have uncovered quite a few aliens, Mold Man, Calamari Girl and Crumble Bun - and have befriended some as well. The book opens with some worrying events, aliens they have interviewed suddenly disappearing. Suddenly Vince and Gene find themselves in the center of an Inter Galactic struggle. This impending Universe changing war pits the friends against each other - well that and the fact they like the same girl at school. 

This book will have you look very carefully at the school Councillor and have you laughing out loud at some of the situations the boys find themselves in. I enjoyed this book immensely. It has some themes worthy of consideration in amongst the alien chaos.