Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book 52 - The Sound of Colours by Jimmy Liao - large city somewhere in the world

“A year ago

I began to notice
that my sight was slipping away.
I sat at home alone
and felt the darkness settle around me.
But today I walked outside
into the thin gray rain
and made my way to the subway.
I have a journey to go on.
There are some things
I need to find." 

This is said by the little girl, she is not given a name, the main character in this picture book as she descends down into the subway. What is it she has lost? Colour, she is going blind. 

This is not a picture book for young shildren. It is definitely a young adult book. The ideas it explores are complex and challenging. The reader is asked to consider things from a very different perspective.

This beautifully illustrated book was translated into English by Sarah L. Thompson. Jimmy Liao is a native of Taipei, Taiwan and a cancer survivor.He has written many books that have been translated into English.The Sound of Colors has been adapted into a stage play and a motion picture.

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