Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reference Interviews and Personal Project Exhibition

I am a learner when it comes to good reference interviews. This year I am trying to see every student in grade 6 to have a reference interview with them about their Exhibition research. The topics are wide and varied, each student has linked their passion to a global issue. We are looking into illiteracy, leukemia, animal rights and Kony. Each interview is about 10 - 15 minutes long. We start with what is available through our school collection and Destiny webpath express, then we look at EBSCO Middle Search and then .....
Each interview is different and each has been for me very rewarding. To see students smile with delight when we find relevant information is a joy. To have them leave the library with search strategies, sources and ideas is wonderful. We even found articles about lego and autism - the exact topic for one of the students. These reference interviews are fun.

This slideshare from Kaukauna Public Library Staff Training Day was useful : Reference Interview 101
Iowa Library Services includes some body language tips

I created a reference interview record sheet - so I can remember what we did, some guiding questions to help me through at first and an interview sign up sheet. The guiding questions are below for other resources just email me.

Reference Interview Questions for the interviewer

Please tell me more about your topic
What additional information can you give me?
How much information do you need?
What kind of information are you looking for? Please explain that in more detail
Please tell me more about the resources you may use for this assignment

What have you already found?
What type of information do you need?
Do you need up to date or historical information?
I don’t know much about XXXX can you help me understand?