Thursday, September 20, 2012

Book 73 - Tall Story by Candy Gourlay - Philippines and England

How can you love a brother who is on the other side of the planet? How can you know a sister how lives in a large city, in a country you have never been permitted to enter? Andi and Bernado are siblings. Andi, short for Amandolina, had been born in England. Her mother had gone there from the Philippines looking for work. She had left her young son, Bernardo in her sister's care, hoping that she would be able to brig him with her in the future. Somehow the Home Office had never seen fit to give permission despite numerous petitions. She remarried and had Andi. Andi had been only once to San Andre to visit her brother and her extended family.

Andi loves playing basketball and despite being so small she is a great point guard. Bernardo plays basketball to be with his friends. His incredible height makes him very useful. When finally some good news arrive from the British Home Office, Bernardo's reunion withhis family in the UK is not as easy as it may sound.

Winner of the National Children's Book Prize in the Philippines and the Crystal Kite award 2011- this book is a wonderful read. 

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