Saturday, September 8, 2012

Signs and wonders - moving displays

Our new team member Serife is an artist. So when it came to creating a board display outside our library there was only one person who could do the job. Understanding that not only colour and design were important to students age 3 - 18 but 3D and movement would also attract attention Serife used many interesting ideas and materials to make her welcome to our library a real success. The small books which frame the posters are on what we call 'danglers'. to make these laminate the image and then use the strips of laminate not required. Attach the image to the strip and it hangs away from the poster. These danglers move as people walk pass. We use danglers in the PYP non fiction section to show pre-literate children where their favourite subjects are on the shelves - see post in October 2011 'More signs and wonders'. The bookmarks we give away are from American Library Association. Serife created daisies with these and cupcake papers. The invitation to 'fuel your mind' hangs out from the ceiling above. All in all an incredibly effective billboard welcoming our school community into their library. Thanks Serife.