Thursday, September 6, 2012

Local Focus - Global Impact Student Librarians at IICS

Our student librarians raised money last year at our school International day for books for a school library in Nepal. This school is for Nepalese children and delivers its curriculum in English language. Their library needed books. They had a wish list on Amazon and as a team our student librarians selected the books and sent them on their way. It took more than four months for the books to arrive. My colleague Samantha visited the school this summer and here is the letter they sent back for our student librarians.

Our student librarians give one or two lunchtimes each week to run our library. They shelve books, run the issues desk and create displays. I often think this is the hardest 'Community and Service'  option students can choose (see blog post Tuesday November 8, 2011). I am so proud of them and I hope some of them choose the hardest option again this year for their Community and Service.