Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book 29 - Masters of Disaster by Gary Paulsen - USA

Warning - kids do not try this at home. I think from the cover you can guess that this is a book for the tween boy audience. Harry is a young man who is determined never to be bored or inactive. He works up some amazing plans and his friend Riley and Reed are always included in the events. Riley is the details person, writing notes and making calculations. Reed somehow always ends up being the stunt man, even when there is no actual stunt involved. This trio work together in an effort to enter the record books, the problem is that their outrageous ideas seem to end up in disaster - just as the title suggests. Their antics will make you laugh out loud.

I had not realised that Gary Paulsen also wrote for a younger audience and that his books for them were so funny. It just goes to show what a versitile writer he truly is. Random House has an old webpage about the author's life and it does show what an adventuresome person he is. No wonder he can write books like this one.

Review from kidsreads