Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book 34 - Bull's Eye by Sarah N. Harvey - Victoria, Canada

Emily's Aunt Donna, her mother's sister, has died and suddenly her whole world changes. Some people get left an inheritance of money or gifts; Emily was left photos and information. Emily has to deal with the new understanding that her Aunt was her mother and her mother is her Aunt. Somehow everything has warped. Nothing is the same and nothing ever will be the same again.

Emily goes in search of her real father and finds some interesting answers. In her quest for vengence against who she thought was her mother she begins to graffiti Bull's Eyes everywhere. When she is caught and prosecuted part of her punishment is to help children caught up in foster care. The punishment brings Emily to new understandings about others and their problems and about her mother and what she did for her.

An Orca Soundings book this is short and all action. The message is clear and believeable. A great read.

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