Friday, January 27, 2012

Book 36 - Brain Jack by Brian Falkner - San Jose, USA

Sam Wilson has skills, talent and ambition - he wants to hack into the most secure websites and leave again without a trace. He is does not want to cause trouble - his motivation is more like the reasons why people climb mountains - becasue they are there. If there is a major secure network - Sam simply sees it as a challenge.

Sam's infiltration into the world's largest tele-communications company sees him helping himself to some new hardware - including the latest neuro-headset, way out of his price range normally. The headsets link in with brain waves making clumsy mouse and kepboard use unnecessary. Just think about what you want the computer to do and it will do it. A gamer's dream come true. It is while he is using this new technology Sam realises that if anything on anyone's computer is vulnerable to a hack then what would happen if your mind is hooked into the system?

Sam's biggest success in hacking the communications company brings him to the attention of some elite hackers and to his delight he is invited to join them - inside the computer system of the White House. It is this invitation that leads Sam into bigger trouble than he has ever known. It is bigger trouble than the USA has ever known - things in the whole world may possibly never be the same again.

This book has heaps of action, raises some very topical questions and an unexpected resolution. Great read. By the way - Brian Falkner is a kiwi and his other books are great reads as well. My favourite for younger audiences - 'The Real Thing.'

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