Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book 33 - The Adventures of Jack Lime by James Leck - Iona, Nova Scotia, Canada

This book is laugh out loud funny and written in the style of the cheap detective novels of the USA. Jack, however, lives in Iona, Canada and is a teenage boy who decides to become a detective even though he is still at school. Believe me at Jack's school there are plenty of activities that require the skills of a detective. The only trouble is that these same activities involve people who do not appreciate the interference of a detective. Jack is remarkably successful as he observes and come up with interesing and accurate conclusions. He does get into trouble with his peers though and the last mystery is a complicated tangle from his previous cases.

I would love to see this made into a book trailer - it has heaps of potential. I can't wait to get it inot the hands of some of the avid readers in grades 4 - 6, I know they will enjoy it.

Review from Kids Can Press