Friday, January 6, 2012

Book 31 - The Great Motion Mission by Cora Lee - USA

Having read a combination of fiction and fact in the previous book I have now found a combination of fact and fiction. These are an interesting genre.

In this book - which we have classified as nonfiction, the story is told of an unnamed city council in the USA which is cancelling the summer fair in favour of a physics conference. Jeremy and his uncle Liam try to start a campaign to reinstate the fair but the next door neighbour and physics whiz Audrey sets out to show them that there is physics everywhere, even in their ordinary lives.

Audrey shows them that physics can help sports people; that gravity and the laws of motion even make fair rides exciting; that music and art have sound waves and light waves which bring the show to us.

There are fact sidebars throughout the book featuring each form of physics under discussion. I am not sure many students will read this book for the story. I have aske dour Physics teachers to have a close look at this book. Cora Lee has also written "The Great Number Rumble" which won the American Institute of Physics 2009 Communication award.

Kirkus Review (The world's toughest Book Critics)